kenya social protection monitoring and evaluation framework 

Year: Revised August 2020

Author: National Social Protection Secretariat

Organization: National Social Protection Secretariat

No. of pages: 52

Executive Summary

The Kenya Social Protection Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (SPM&EF) 2018-2022, highlights the aspirations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of achieving the outcomes and intended impact of the Kenya Social Protection (SP) Sector policy 2019 and Government of Kenya (GOK) Social Protection programs. The 2019 policy recognizes four pillars in the sector since the adoption of the 2011/12 Policy: Pillar 1: Income security. Pillar 2: Social health protection Pillar 3: shock-responsive social protection Pillar 4: complementary programmes.

The SPM&EF outlines high level outcome results statements for each pillar in the social protection policy 2019. The overall objective the M&E framework is to provide a tool for the systematic and routine monitoring, evaluation and reporting of high level indicators of the progress and achievements of Sector in Kenya for the period 2018-2022. The framework contains a results framework and a monitoring framework. The results framework is based on a theory of change approach; it sets out a linkage between different levels of the SP goal, expected impacts, outcomes, outputs, inputs and activities. The theory holds that if these outcomes are achieved they will result in the goal of “ensuring that the people of Kenya live in dignity and are able to exploit their human capabilities to further their development and contribute to the economy”.

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