kenya social protection sector review 2017

Year: 2017

Author: National Social Protection Secretariat (NSPS), Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

Organization: Ministry of Labour and Social Protection

Number of pages: 48

Executive Summary:

A review of the Kenya Social Protection Sector undertaken on 2011/2012 noted that social protection was dominated by a few larger programmes such as NSSF, NHIF, Civil Service Pension (CSP) among others. Supported by other social assistance schemes, their coverage and expenditure were limited. The 2017 Kenya Social Protection Sector Review noted that there has been a significant progress and expansion in core social assistance schemes of the social protection system.

This review document provides an in-depth analysis of the Social Protection Sector other than individual programmes. It gives an overview of the Social Protection Sector, Budgeting, expenditure, financial sustainability including impact of devolution on spending and key issues for budgeting and expenditure. The review also describes how the evolvement of the social protection system highlighting the improvements that has taken place as well as challenges that has been identified.

The Social Protection Sector Review of 2017 document addresses the achievements that has been experienced in the sector in the past few years and the pivotal issues that needs to be addressed. It provides delivery mechanisms for Social Protection programmes, Data on Governments and stakeholders level of financing of the sector, coverage of and access to social protection, delivery of social protection schemes, governance, performance management and accountability, impacts, cost-efficiency and value of money, effectiveness of the sector and sustainability of the social protection sector.

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